Jesus was finishing up his college career at California State University of Fullerton majoring as a bio-chemist. He soon came to the realization that science is seen in a different light by society than those in the science community. Even worse, food that was “made in a lab” has been branded a negative stigma. With fitness and health growing in popularity there have been a surge of products that have popped up to capitalize on the movement but haven’t necessarily had the best intentions. 

That’s when Jesus came across a popular meal supplement product and was curious about what a meal supplement was. He found that a product like this was both nutritional and novel but why wasn’t something like this more popular? He figured it was because of two reasons. One, people see this product and think it isn’t as good as having real food. Second, it doesn’t look or taste as good as food can. Jesus wanted to change that. He decided to bring in his longtime friends Freddy and Eric and create their own meal supplement that changes both the way people think about science and nutrition while finally giving people the opportunity to have an easy-make-meal that saves time while favoring a person’s individual taste. 

Our Vision

Besides the dream that GrubSub becomes one of the leading suppliers of meal supplements to the world, we see GrubSub doing its part in changing the world and forming a new way of thought when it comes to artificial meal products. Our hope is that GrubSub doesn’t become a leading meal supplement amongst other meal supplements, but a staple in every household. We want to emphasize that GrubSub isn’t just a meal supplement, it is a meal that is adaptable to everyone’s unique taste and preference. We also see GrubSub becoming a platform that informs the public and provides information that is digestible and unbiased. We at GrubSub want to change the way people think about food and we will do this by getting people to WANT WHAT THEY NEED.