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Our vision of GrubSub is to provide a product that is different than anything else and gives the consumer the power to create meals. We hope to spark your curiosity when it comes to what you eat everyday. Use GrubSub to control what is on your plate and what tastes good to you. We don't want to make GrubSub a staple in your kitchen, but make involvement and enthusiasm the first ingredient of your next meal. GrubSub isn't the only healthy option that can replace a meal, but it's the only fun and consumer interactive product with a clear message: "Want what you need". 


our product


GrubSub is a nutrient filled, fast prepared, custom-made MEAL in a bag. If you feel you aren’t reaching your daily requirement of nutrients and are looking for a new product that helps mix things up, then this is the product for you. Each meal has 25% of your daily nutritional requirements.

GrubSub is a great way to experiment with your food and try new combinations that make you crave nutrition. Break away from the fads and trends and make GrubSub part of your life, not your diet. Consumers today are exposed to dietary trends and faux dietary restrictions. The idea behind GrubSub is to encourage consumers to take initiative and question the foods they eat.

Whether you're on the go, at home or at work; GrubSub can be easily prepared. Mix it with water, milk, juices, fruits, honey or more of your favorite health supplements, just make sure that when it's done, you'll want what you need.


our mission


Don't get caught up with faux dietary restrictions or food trends and fads. GrubSub is designed and created using facts, not trends. Nutrition is important and understanding it is as important, not only for you, but society. 

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) only 20% of Americans are meeting USDA guidelines for a healthy diet.* Let's change this together and change the way we think about food and nutrition.

Our mission is to encourage people to stop consuming and start thinking about what they're eating. Don't take diets for face value and start evaluating the way food is designed, created and consumed. 

*Smith, Lindsey P, Shu Wen Ng, and Barry M Popkin. “Trends in US Home Food Preparation and Consumption: Analysis of National Nutrition Surveys and Time Use Studies from 1965–1966 to 2007–2008.” Nutrition Journal